Matthew Sheffield

Matthew Sheffield, host of Theory of Change, brings a diverse background in technology, journalism, and data analysis to each episode.

Prior to starting Theory of Change, Sheffield worked at The Hill where he created and analyzed public opinion polls on a variety of topics including health care, technology companies, the 2020 presidential contest, and broader ideological trends. The surveys and his analysis have been cited by numerous news outlets including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Politico, NBC, CBS, Fox News, and CNN.

While also at The Hill, Sheffield led a team that produced data animations and infographics, including live election result maps for broadcast. He also  implemented a hybrid cloud system to integrate local and remote video archive storage.

Sheffield was also a staff reporter at Salon where he wrote about numerous topics, including technology policy, political news, the media industry, and the rise of extremist movements in the United States.

Previously, Sheffield operated a media firm which designed and hosted websites, produced a syndicated broadcast television show, launched several national publications, and managed content production teams.

Sheffield has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Virginia Commonwealth University. During his college years, he created one of America’s first university newspaper websites.